Basement Waterproofing in Passaic County

    25 Years of Basement Waterproofing Experience

    Dry Basement Solutions is a family-owned company that provides basement waterproofing in Passaic County, NJ. Our team of professional engineers, architects, building technologists, and registered waterproofers have provided basement waterproofing solutions throughout NJ for over 25 years. With this experience and expertise, we are capable of handling any of your basement waterproofing needs.

    If you need basement waterproofing in Passaic County, NJ, call us today at (800) 969-6851.

    Our Services

    At Dry Basement Solutions, we understand the importance of having a safe, comfortable, and protected basement. Our team of waterproofers in Passaic County, NJ provides a variety of services to handle any of your basement needs. These include basement waterproofing, mold remediation, and foundation, floor, & wall repairs.

    Basement Waterproofing

    The basement is the most prone area of the house to be damaged by water. When heavy rain or melting snow seeps into the soil, it often puts pressure on the foundation walls and causes cracks and leaks. This can cause severe damage to your home’s foundation, walls, and floors.

    Dry Basement Solutions offers several basement waterproofing services to troubleshoot any of your basement needs. We can fix cracks inside your basement with effective and safe sealants as well as protect your home with exterior measures such as french drain installation. If you live in Passaic County, NJ, and need basement waterproofing to protect the safety of your home, Dry Basement Solutions can help.


    Due to the basement’s susceptibility to flooding and water damage, mold often grows in this part of the home. When left untreated, mold thrives in the dark areas and can lead to structural damage and dangerous respiratory effects for you and your family.

    If your basement has flooded recently and you aren’t sure if there’s mold, our team can provide an inspection to detect any problem areas. Once we identify the mold, we’ll create a containment area before vacuuming with a high-efficiency particulate air filter vacuum and wiping down surfaces with an anti-fungal solution.

    Foundation, Floor, & Wall Repairs

    If you leave sitting water or trapped moisture in your basement, it can lead to cracks in your home’s foundation, floor, and walls. These cracks can lead to structural damage to your home if left untreated. Our team at Dry Basement Solutions can help remedy these cracks no matter how big or small. We use sealants that are safe, effective, and affordable for your Passaic County, NJ home.

    Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

    There are many benefits related to basement waterproofing. When you waterproof your basement either with interior or exterior measures, you’re not only protecting your home but the safety of you and your family. Below are only a few of the benefits of basement waterproofing.

    • Prevention of structural damage – water damage can cause cracks, buckling walls, and unstable floors. Basement waterproofing can help protect your home from being damaged.
    • A healthy environment for you and your family – A bad structural integrity and the presence of mold in your basement can put you and your family at risk.
    • Prevention of basement flooding and water damage – If you waterproof your basement before you experience flooding or water damage, you won’t need to pay the cost later to have it fixed.

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    We Employ Best-In-Class Basement Waterproofing Solutions

    Our basement waterproofing services in Passaic County, NJ are best-in-class. We have years of experience waterproofing basements and creating safe and protected environments for Passaic County families.

    Our basement waterproofing services include two major approaches: interior waterproofing and exterior waterproofing.

    Interior Waterproofing

    Basement waterproofing that takes place within the home is considered interior waterproofing. Our team can help fix signs of water damage as well as protect your home from having any future damage. Below are two of the most common ways our team at Dry Basement Solutions provides interior basement waterproofing.

    Basement Sealing

    After water damage, basements often show cracks in the flooring, walls, or foundation. At Dry Basement Solutions, we can help seal these cracks. By filling these cracks with sealant, you don’t have to worry about the structural integrity of your home being damaged. Basement sealing also helps keep humidity down in your basement, preventing any future damage from trapped condensation.

    If your basement doesn’t have any signs of water damage, our sealant also acts as a protective coating that can ensure you never experience cracks in your basement floors or walls.

    Sump Pump Installation

    A sump pump is a device located in your basement or crawl space that collects excess water. This device prevents water from entering the home by collecting the water in a basin and directing it elsewhere with a piping system.

    At Dry Basement Solutions, we have experience installing a wide variety of basement drainage channels that help protect your home from water damage.

    Exterior Waterproofing

    The basement waterproofing solutions that take place outside of the home are more complex than the sealing within the home. Exterior waterproofing includes efforts to redirect water away from the home as to avoid it seeping into the foundation. Below is the most common way we help protect your basement with exterior waterproofing.

    French Drains

    A french drain is a gravel-lined ditch that redirects standing water, similar to a sump pump. Within this gravel-lined ditch, a pipe carries this water away and empties it at a safe distance from your home. While a ditch may sound like it would detract from the overall beauty of your house, french drains are very common and are often added to landscaping.

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    Why Choose Dry Basement Solutions

    Dry Basement Solutions is a family-owned and operated company that believes in a personal approach to basement waterproofing. We never use sub-contractors, so you can trust your basement waterproofing will only be done by one of our in-house professionals. This personal approach ensures that all the work we do for basement waterproofing is of the highest quality. You can trust that the team at Dry Basement Solutions has professionalism and knowledge that surpass the industry standards.

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    If you have any water damage in your basement or want to protect your home before it happens, Dry Basement Solutions can help. Call our basement waterproofing company in Passaic County, NJ, at (800) 969-6851. We look forward to helping protect your house and your family’s safety.

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    Every day that passes, your water problem is likely to get worse.  From worsening structural problems, to potential health issues with your family, to actual safety issues due to unsafe conditions, you need your problems taken care of today.

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